by The Society Of Poor Academics



Four songs for the heartbroken, bitter, lovelorn, and amorously confused.


released September 8, 2012

Cover artwork by Joyce Smith.

All songs written by Eivind Kirkeby.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Cost Efficient (feat. Lara Mishler)
I woke up sad and lonely
Just like the day before
No longer anyone's
"Mon cherie amour"

No one there to berate me
For my haphazard French
As you were busy dating
On some nearby park bench

Your love for me is a ceteris paribus clause
Given certain circumstances and a certain set of laws
As time moved on the variables changed
Your love has been reset and I have been estranged
From your heart

Now your terms of endearment
Are used on some other girl
Now someone new is your "I wuv you"
It makes me want to hurl

Re-doing things that we once did
As if they were the latest thing
Compliments that you one paid me
Are now re-paid to your new fling

I don't agree with the reasons that you gave
As to why our love was destined for the grave
Besides we both know what funerals cost these days
It would have been more cost efficient to have mended our careless ways
And our hearts
Track Name: Your New Boyfriend Is Ugly (feat. Dennis Driscoll)
Your new boyfriend is ugly
Your new boyfriend is ugly
But you don't seem to see
That your new boyfriend is ugly

And he listens to trance
And he listens to dance
But you don't seem to mind
I guess his bad taste in music has made you blind

He's addicted to a MMORPG
He's addicted to a MMORPG
How could anyone be happy
With someone addicted to a MMORPG

And he will break your heart
And he will break your heart
Just like you broke mine
I guess that would suit me just fine

He doesn't have higher education
He has no higher education
How can you have an infatuation
For someone with no higher education

It used to be you and me
Now we're history
And it doesn't take a master's degree
To see that your new boyfriend is ugly